Workplace relationships drive productivity.

About Us

About Potentia

HR partner for
Organizational Development

Our focus is on building capability to apply psychological personality effectively in daily life and development.


To understand what our customers truly needs and design the most effective and best solutions.
To develop our products and services to satisfy our customers.


Helping individuals develop better self and other's awareness through different personality types and psychological tools.


We provide professional service with global products and service to build up the best acheivement.

About Potentia

HR partner for Organizational Development

We are the leading assessment and training center for individual and organizational development with expertise in human resources solutions, providing deep insights and understanding of individuals’ diversity based on psychological personalities.

"Who look outside, dream.
Who look inside, awaken."

Carl Gustav Jung

About Potentia

More than 10 years of experience

We help local and multinational organizations to enhance and explore their development journey. 

Our Values

Why choosing Potentia?

Value 1

We understand what our customer needs and help them design the best solutions.

Value 2

We build friendly learning vibes which allows our participants to bring out their own potential to work at its the fullest.

Value 3

We develop specialists of each instrument  and develop them to give all of our people a true understanding of organizational development.

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