How well do you know MBTI®?: Extraversion & Introversion


How well do you know MBTI ® ? Check your understanding of MBTI ® with Potentia Thailand

Nowadays, MBTI ® personality type instrument has been widely discussed in building one’s self-awareness and understanding the differences throughout 4 letters. The popularity of personality type encourages people to understand and live with one another better; however, there’s a lot of stereotypically misunderstanding from many data sources which can later lead to unethical and biased use, instruments misused by judging others’ preferences which are not the purpose of MBTI ®.

To break the misconceptions and misuses of MBTI ®, Potentia Thailand as an exclusive distributor of MBTI ® personality type instrument in Thailand, has clarified all the accurate information of MBTI ® preferences. Let’s start with the first dichotomies; Extraversion (E) and Introversion (I).

Extraversion (E) – The outer world

Naturally, Extraverts gain their energy from the outer world: interaction, environment, people, actions, and activities.

Stereotype / Misconception

Extraverts are often understood that
• They are too confident.
• They can not be alone.
• All extraverts are Party Animal.
• They are noisy.
• Extraverts have no listening skills

Accurate understanding

• Extraverts can be shy.
• Humans are all social animals no matter what their type is. To be alone, it depends on various external factors as well not just only inborn preferences.
• All extraverts are not Party Animal. There are Extraverts who prefer doing outdoor activities with few people rather than with a large group of people since ‘people’ is not the only source of their energy.
• Extraverts are not always noisy. It can be seen as their nature to talk louder than Introverts as the more they speak the more energy they gain but it is not actually the fact that they are always noisy.
• Although thinking out loud is Extravert’s thinking process, it doesn’t mean that they lack listening skills which is actually the capacity that both Extraverts or Introverts can develop.

Introversion (I) – The inner world

Introverts naturally gain their energy from the inner world: thoughts, ideas, memories, feelings, and experiences.

Stereotype / Misconception
Introverts are often understood that
• They are anti-social and unable to socialize.
• They are all repressed, depressed,and arrogant.
• All Introverts are shy.
• All Introverts are secretive.
• Introverts can not make their decision right on time or work tardily.

Accurate understanding
• Being in one’s own inner world is an Introvert’s source of energy but it does not mean that Introverts do not know how to socialize.
• Interaction with the outer world often drains Introvert’s energy so they naturally tend to avoid socializing. Therefore, being quiet is the way that Introverts maintain their energy.
• Shyness and Self-confidence are not always Introvert’s characteristics as it will depend on other factors including culture and education.
• Introverts can be talkative especially when they are with their close ones or when they talk about their interested area.
• While Extravert needs to think out loud to build their ideas, Introvert do the same thing in their own inner world by generating ideas in their head that make them look less talkative. Some people may perceive Introverts as being slow in making decisions; in fact, it is a reflection of their thinking before speaking.



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