Certification Program

Build and improve your expertise with becoming a certified practitioner 

Certificate Programs

Why Need Certificates?

Enhance your understanding of how to facilitate the MBTI® instrument in several applications with our interactive lecturing.

  • How do we improve engagement
  • How do we coach more effecvely
  • How can we be more effective with customers.

Better understanding of Awareness

Soft skill development

Authority of MBTI® assessment and resources

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Certification Program

Start Your Journey with Us

The program outline of 4-day session consists of these activities

The module focuses on introducing the MBTI instrument and type to teams and work groups using MBTI Step I results.

The module focuses on explaining your professional responsibilities as a MBTI certified practitioner.

The module focuses on administration of  MBTI® Step I  instrument with individual clients.

The module focuses on using  MBTI® instrument for individual and leadership development.

The module focuses on the MBTI® Step II (Form Q) instrument and your MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report.

MBTI Certified practitioners will be invited to join a follow-up session after 4-day training done.

Certification Program

What You Will Receive While Joining

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