Leadership Development

“There is no personality type that is the best leader. The great leader is the one who is able to adjust its means wisely in order to satisfy urgent demand and its follower”

Leadership Development

Why is Leadership Critical?

Target audiences of the program could be leadershuman resource team, also employees in every levels and every industries , leaders , human resource development  because leadership is not just for C-level or management level but it is the quality everyone in any organization should involve.

Help leaders explore their inborn leadership

Establish management structure

Discover more effective leadership vision

Practice new behaviors to expand own limitation

Leadership Development

Start Your Journey with Us

Our standard program outline below can be customized to satisfy your need at its best.

Program participants will enable to share their program’s expectations and learn the program itself objectives to solve any current issues.

Splitting exercises & Explanation of how Type relates to leadership styles based on MBTI® personality types. 

  • Extraversion: Introversion 
  • Sensing : iNtuition 
  • Thinking : Feeling 
  • Judging : Perceiving 

Understanding how personality differences impact in leadership styles. 

Leadership Development

Our Instrument - MBTI®

When people are aware of their differences, they can build a better understanding of others and reduce conflict.

The MBTI® helps to improve teamwork and productivity whilst reducing unproductive interpersonal and intra-organizational conflict.

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