Team & Organization Development

This program presents a framework designed  to cut through  complexity and enable teams to function more  productively.

Why Need to Develop Your Team?

In today’s changing world of work, teams are becoming increasingly varied and complex.

This program presents a framework designed  to  cut through  complexity  and enable teams to function more  productively. Using  the psychological instrument within the program addresses the following challenges:

  • How do we build our team into a winning team?
  • How do we provide them a language to understand and appreciate differences in the group?
  • How do we maximize the productivity of our team?
  • How do we provide them with tools to overcome blocks to team effectiveness?

Reducing unproductive work

Maximizing the benefits of personality diversity

Clarifying team behavior

Identifying areas of strength and weakness

Team and Organization Development

Start Your Journey with Us

Our standard program outline below can be customized to satisfy your need at its best.

Program participants will enable to share their program’s expectations and learn the program itself objectives to solve any current issues

Splitting exercises &

Splitting exercises & ‘Team  Type Table’ based on the 4 dichotomies and whole type will help participants understand MBTI® personality types better  

  • Extraversion : Introversion 
  • Sensing : iNtuition 
  • Thinking : Feeling 
  • Judging : Perceiving  

Understand how personality differences impact in everyday work  and apply the MBTI® to enhance your team

Team and Organization Development

Our Instrument - MBTI®

When people are aware of their differences, they can build a better understanding of others and reduce conflict.

The MBTI® helps to improve teamwork and productivity whilst reducing unproductive interpersonal and intra-organizational conflict.

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