The Apollo Profile®

A guide for individuals to maximize their career potential.

The Apollo Profile®


The assessment has been designed to be a multi-purpose instrument measuring work preferences, motivations, and values.

It provides an insight on 34 behavioral and value factors that are commonly seen as contributing to career success.  

The Apollo Profile provides career guidance in a generally objective and supportive way and points to possible training and development needs. The report is written in easy to understand language appropriate to the level of report requested.

Separate reports are available measuring against Executives, or Sales, or Middle Management / Supervisor, or Customer Service / Support Staff and Call Centers. 

Written in easy to understand non-psycho babble terms.  Use of color also aids quick bench marking and relativities. 

No other parties will see your confidential reports. 

The Apollo Profile is like a mini test battery that enables more information of specific attributes. Most other instruments measure far fewer attributes, with many common ones only having eight factors. 


Key Benefits

The Apollo Profile® is ideal for a wide range of benefits, including:


The Apollo Profile is like a mini test battery that enables more information on specific attributes.


Separate reports are available comparing against Executives, Sales Employees, Middle Management, etc.


The Apollo Profile is based on today’s workplace and reflects modern organisational life.


Written in easy to understand non-psycho babble terms. Use of colour also aids quick benchmarking and relativities.


Research and testing has been carried out in the design and construction of the Apollo Profile.

Speed and Convenience

Instant online processing of the questionnaire via the Internet gives you instant reports at your own location.

The Apollo Profile®

Background and History

The Apollo Profile was developed in 1995 by Professor Richard Hicks and Mr. James Bowden, and has since been through a series of further research and development. The current version, version 5, was developed and released in 2011.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Developed by Psychometrician, Professor Richard Hicks & Management Consultant, Jim Bowden.
  • The Apollo Profile compares candidates against a validated Model of Excellence.
  • Measures 34 factors that are related to high performance at work.
  • Data collected from various work categories.
  • Categories include: senior executive, manager, sales personnel, call centre staff and entry level employees.
  • Completed in around 35 minutes.
  • Easy to understand reports comparing your candidate to those who are rated as excellent in their jobs.
  • Comes with related applications such as Best Match™ mass-screening at an attractive price.
  • Comprehensive reports – pay once per candidate and generate unlimited reports.
  • Exceptional validity (the most important deciding factor when using psychometric tests!)

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